It may have happened that you landed here accidentally. Or you may have clicked the symbol of death on our entry page for those not speaking Hungarian, because you think that homosexuality is necessarily evil and it isn’t worth (or in fact, it is damaging) discussing or even considering it. Your judgment may be founded on religious conviction, on commitment to the nation’s proliferation, or on something you just call bourgeois ethics or simply good manners.
      We do respect your views. You firmly advocate your principles and we know it is pointless to argue. We cannot change your mind. We will not convince you. However,

let us ask you a favour.

      Do not hurt us! If you cannot help approaching us in hate or disgust, do it, but please do not voice your hatred and do not set other people against us. You may consider us sick – but is it usual to boot or humiliate the invalid? You may think we were the enemies of Christianity. Jesus meant you, too, to pray for your enemies. (We also pray for those who hate us.)
      Today violence rules the world. If you do not count yourself among the few who feather their nest by profiting from this fact, you must admit that it does not serve anybody. Aggression breeds aggression. We will not upset your world. We do not ask you to understand, accept and love us. But if you do not want to destroy us, if you vote for sparing our lives by your deeds and words, it does not mean that you have accepted us. Do not accept us, but give us a chance: “live and let live!”
      Next time if your computer crashes or you meet some other annoyance, we ask you to rest content with words like “louse” or “rat”, instead of “Faggot Windows!” or something like that. It will not harm you, but it will be a lot better for us.

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