Analyses of the Holy Scripture about homosexuality, on the Internet

On this page, so as to ease you getting your bearings, we tried to collect the best analyses of the Holy Scripture about homosexuality available on the Internet. These texts collected are all in English (those in Hungarian can be reached on the Hungarian version of this page). We tried to put the better, the more important and the more comprehensive ones at the front, however, it’s not sure that we’ve always managed to estimate each document’s value correctly. (The main pages of the websites are available on page Other Sites.)

At the outside left column is the source of the analysis (usually not the main page of the website – this can be found at Other Sites), and at the right columns, the signs refer to the specific analyses of the separate biblical passages seemingly dealing with homosexuality. Because the Old Testament was mainly written in Hebrew, analyses of the parts coming from this are marked with the Hebrew aleph (א), and as the New Testament’s language is Ancient Greek, these analyses have been marked with alpha (α) – thus implying the importance of the fact that for authentic interpretation, one should go back to the original texts. In case of some Hebrew and Greek letters, by moving the cursor over them, you can find more specific information concerning that text (or part of text), if there is anything more compared to the column heading. If you can see more or fewer marks (letters) in a row, it doesn’t mean that the pages referred to are more or less relevant or interesting, but it only depends on whether it is possible to refer to the most relevant part of the text in itself.

We recommend that you don’t only look at the referrals to the specific analyses, but also the introduction of the website and of its relevant section (which can be found in the column Source), since the overall and essential aspects are often “hidden” at that place; besides, there are often further information on the main pages, which we weren’t able to classify and give referrals to in the chart. (As some of these articles and treatises are quite long, and the marks often refer to inside of documents, it’s worth waiting until the page is loaded entirely and jumps by itself to the required point.)

The outside right column contains analyses of those passages in the Bible which are seemingly positive (supportive) in connection with homosexuality.

Source Analyses of negative passages seemingly related to this topic Analyses of positive passages seemingly related to this topic
Sodom and Gomor­rah (Gen 19:1–11) “…they shall be put to death”
(Lev 18:22; 20:13)
Other parts of the Old Testament “men did shameful things with other men”
(Rom 1:26–27)
“nor abusers of them­selves with mankind… shall inherit the kingdom of God”
(1 Cor 6:9-10; 1 Tim 1:10)
Other parts of the New Testa­ment David and Jonathan (2 Sam 1:26; 1 Sam 18:1–4; 1 Sam 20)
and other passages
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
(The Bible and Homosexuality)
א א א,א α α α א
+ egy része magyarul
Christianity and Homosexuality
א א א α א
Paul Halsall:
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Catholic Handbook
, Chapter 3: Discussion of the Bible
א א א, א α, α, α α α א + α
Dr. Rembert S. Truluck:
Steps To Recovery From Bible Abuse
The Bible and Homosexuality
א א   α α    
Ray of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Transgender in the Bible
א, א א, א   α α    
What The Bible Says About Homosexuality
א א, א א, א, א α, α α, α α א
First Church of Simba
Homosexuality & The Bible
Its mirror / Tükrözése
α, α
α, α
  α, א
α, א
Ronda DeVold:
Christianity and Homosexuality
א א   α α    
Mike’s Response to the “Standard Seven” Biblical Texts Cited א א   α α α  
National Capital FreeNet –
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender site
א + α, א + α
The Bibble Pages –
Gay: Religion
א + α, א + α, א + α, א + α, א + α א + α, א + α
Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches א + α א + α
Cathedral of Hope
Homosexuality and Christianity
א + α
Spiritual Fruits Ministries
Scriptures They Never Bring Up
  א + α