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Dear Reader,

On this page, you can send email to the webmaster or – through him – to the Five Loaves Association. Your message will be treated confidentially, strictly as a private email, as if you had sent it from your own mailing service to the address (You can browse among the earlier emails intended as public in the former Guestbook and among Readers’ letters.)

Three notes.

1. Even though you theoretically don’t need to fill in the field email to send a message, let us state the obvious: if you expect a reply from us, you’d better not leave it empty because we can only address our mail to somewhere.

2. Before writing, consider the following: the whole Bible is available from our website in several versions. It is not by accident, since we know it. We do know the story of Sodom, the phrases “they should be put to death,” “abusers of themselves with mankind,” and “they did shameful things with each other” in several translations. You can read several analyses about all these texts, in English and in Hungarian, where you can be informed about what we think about the passages in question. That means, if you wish to compose your email significantly or exclusively by dumping biblical texts together, you can safely spare your time. We are, of course, interested to hear arguments of biblical theology pro and contra, but the response we consider appropriate for mechanical copying of texts is mechanical deletion.

3. It may happen that you write with the best intention about something which is already present at our website in the same or a very similar form, whether as an earlier mail, or a complete article or study. In such a case, we ask you not to take it as a sign of rudeness if we don’t adhere to formality and only send you one or more links as a reply.

We are glad that you favoured our site with your attention, and we thank you if you help our further work with your suggestions.

Note: If you wish to send us an Internet address, please include a dot in the "http" otherwise it will be rejected by our spam filter.

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